The Coddling of the American Mind

A Book Discussion

April 10, 2021 @ 11am

on Zoom.

This 2018 book is about 3 great Untruths and how our thoughts affect our ability to deal with life's challenges.

Join us as we discover some of the book's ideas and their philosophical teachings.

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New Acropolis Chicago
Circle of Friends

Who is this for?

Those who have a thirst to know more about themselves and the world around them and curious to see through the lens of Philosophy current social and individual events and its application to relevant situations. 
And for those, who for various reasons cannot commit at this point to the weekly rhythm of in-person classes required by the study program of New Acropolis.

What does it include?

-    10 yearly online meetings (app. once a month) in various topics to deepen the teachings of the introductory course and to apply the ideas of philosophy on various fields of human expression.
These include among other things:

  • In depth exploration of various cultures, philosophers and sciences

  • Book discussions

  • Movie screenings and discussions

  • In depth exploration of themes from the introductory course

  • Discussions about topics selected by members of the Circle

  • Reflections about philosophical questions and current events

  • And more…

-    A special yearly dinner and class. 
-    Direct update about New Acropolis activities and news. 
-    Discounted rates for paid activities.
-    An opportunity to support the school and its activities.

These meetings are open to all of NA friends, students and members.

Upcoming events:


  • January 29, Friday, 6 pm - A movie discussion: Tashi and the Monk - Compassion and Resilience in a troubled world

  • A movie and discussion: The Social Dilemma

  • February 28, Sunday 6 pm  - Life/Work Balance - Discussion

  • April 10, Saturday at 5 pm - A book discussion: Coddling of the American Mind

  • April 30, Friday - Building Bridges - Political division and polarity

  • May 29,  Saturday - With Philosophy there will not be Racism - a discussion

  • June 27, Sunday - Mindful living in a fast-paced world - Panel and discussion


$99 for a year