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Alternative Societies

Can there be a better society?

What can we do to change the world?

What forms of government were known in the ancient world, and are they relevant to us?

Egypt: Land of the Mysteries

Learn about the hidden wisdom of ancient Egypt which continues to inspire advances in domains of arts, sciences, psychology and philosophy even today.

Man, Life and the Universe

Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where will go when we die?

 What laws and principles of nature apply to us? Discover the visible and invisible dimensions of the Human being and Nature.

The Wisdom of Ancient India

The Bhagavad Gita: Encounter an ancient spiritual Indian text that describes life as a joyous battlefield. What is the inner battle? Are there universal laws in life? What is Karma? What is Dharma?


A Selection of Themes

Philosophy is usually conceived as an intellectual discipline, which has little to do with everyday life.

But Philosophy is much more than we think.

It is the love of wisdom, a path that leads to more tranquility, happiness, better decision making, more authenticity and self realization.


Our introductory program explores the teachings of the major schools of philosophy from around the world, with emphasis on the practical application of those teachings. It aims to integrate great themes of Eastern and Western thought of the major civilizations throughout history. This is an exciting and dynamic course and covers the mysteries of the human being and life through the wisdom of ancient India, Tibet, Egypt ancient Greece and Rome, Buddhist philosophy and more.


The introductory course is comprised of 15 two-hour weekly meetings. However, we offer a trial period of 4 meetings.


The next Info-session will take place on June 12th,

at the Edgewater Library, 6000 N.Broadway, Chicago.


Call 855 226 8474 or write to for more info.

















































































































































Introductory Course to Practical Philosophy


Course Fees:

All instructors and other personnel in New Acropolis are volunteers.

The fees for the course go directly to the maintenance of the center and to finance the center's activities.



Trial Period (4 meetings): 75$ (40$ for students)

Full Course (15 meetings): 290$ (150$ for students)


Payments can be made by cash, checks or credit card.






Know thyself

The Path of Virtue taught by the great Greek philosophers: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

To dare and question ourselves, our opinions and truths.

Philosophy in Action

Practicing Philosophy gives you a more meaningful life. What is practical Idealism?

How can we use philosophy to become better and to change our society?

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